House Extensions

House Extensions are an effective and excellent way to really maximise your property to create an effective living space that truly reflects your home. Whether you want to open up existing space you already have or add additional rooms we can help to make your vision come true.


We believe by having an effective design enhances people’s lives creating incredible spaces to live and work in as we design with you in mind and make your dreams come true.

Extending your home allows you to not only enlarge your living space but can also add value to your property. Here at AC House Designs we have the ability to come up with a cost-effective design to save you money through our extensive experience. We provide both a design service to gain planning permissions and conduct full structural analysis for building control approval all done in-house.

We will work very closely with you to explain the design process from start to finish whilst creating a design that will ensure a successful house extension that can be enjoyed for many years to come. We have completed hundred's of house extension designs for all types of houses.


We also work closely with your building contractor during the build phase to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Please get in touch and we will be happy to help create your unique design